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Prospective Rector -

We’re grateful that you’ve chosen to get to know us, and we pray for you as you discern God’s will for yourself and our parish.  A few words are in order regarding the profile you are about to read. In the summer of 2015, we held an all-parish appreciative inquiry session which was followed by further opportunities for input, as well as the administering of the Congregational Assessment Tool created by Holy Cow! Consulting. Naturally we looked at numerous other parish profiles before beginning our own. Looking back now, we see that we have created a profile that is both ordinary, maybe a bit long winded, and at the same time “counter, original, spare (and) strange.”

You’ll notice that we don’t go on about the size of our stained-glass windows or a lot of things that other parishes headline in their profiles. We’re not a rich parish. We don’t have a lot of stuff. What we have is an extra place around God’s table, and “another potato to put in the soup” for you and our neighbors.  We hope you appreciate that we didn’t create an enormous wish list of qualities and qualifications for our next rector that boil down to us wanting you to be a superhuman. We don’t expect you to be superhuman, or at least we’re not going to come out and say so (LOL). Actually a superhuman rector would be kind of scary for us. Echoing Gerard Manley Hopkins again, we say “Glory be to God for dappled things!” Whatever that means, we’re sure it applies to us and to you as well. We’re a mustard seed kind of parish, and it’s okay if you’re a mustard seed kind of priest. Together, we’ll surprise ourselves as we grow in friendship with God and each other, we’ll disappoint each other, we’ll forgive each other, and we’ll share our abundant gifts with each other and our neighbors.

You will see that we talk a lot about the vision and goals of our diocese. That’s because our diocese is a really exciting place to be these days. If you want to be at the forefront of the “Jesus Movement,” you picked the right place to be.

Also please note that we did not spell out every canonical duty of a rector in our profile. Rather than dwell on the obvious, we chose to point out the specific areas where you can help us grow to be what God needs us to be and where we can help you to grow to be what God needs you to be. Needless to say, we expect you to be committed to your own wellness, and we shall support you in
that commitment.

The Feast of Epiphany is a week away as this letter to you is being written. We hope that you have seen the glory of Christ in our faces, and we eagerly look forward to seeing the glory of Christ in your face as we, together, discern God’s Dream for us.

With Much Love,
The Profile Committee

P.S. If you are in a partnered relationship, know that our Statement of Welcome will apply to you and your loved one as much as it does to any of us and our neighbors.

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