Barrier Free Project

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While it is a flourishing parish, the physical infrastructure of St. A’s often serves as a barrier to the full inclusion that is so important to who we are. The building is comprised of only a worship space upstairs, with a modest Parish Hall, restrooms, kitchen, and small office and storage space downstairs in a finished basement. There is no elevator or any other barrier-free mechanism for individuals unable to negotiate a staircase. These individuals (the elderly, those with physical disabilities and injuries) are unable to participate in parish activities that take place downstairs, such as food pantry setup and distribution.  

Those who need to access our food pantry must be able to climb down and up a staircase (with a bag of groceries). This limited physical space is a major challenge for many of those who so desperately need the services of the pantry. This physical problem goes starkly against all our efforts at inclusion and outreach to marginalized communities. For this reason, in 2014 a group began to assess the feasibility of a building project and has since worked with an architect to draw up plans for a small addition that includes an elevator. Fundraising for this project is already underway utilizing a Capital committee. There was much consideration as to whether to hold off on this project until the search for a new Rector was complete, however, it was judged by the Vestry and other parishioners that this project was too important to put off any longer, and that the parish was strong enough to undertake the project led by the Vestry and committee members.

Proposed Addition Looking from the Northwest

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